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from the month of January

the photograph of us is so much more than color or gloss, in so few words, the promise of us hangs over the air I sigh into winter, the one you made me and wrapped around me where it was forever, and ever, and ever, my heart pounds now swollen with ferocity and anger- loss- no book or guide or person's words of comfort seem to settle the unsettled in my stomach i wish he was here more than a distant memory of which I can find in that photograph i wish his breathe still grazed my cheek words still made me laugh and hand still kept mine warm and safe. january 9th 2010 i sit 2 years 3 months 30 days and some odd hours later time ticks on breathe still meets winter air silent photograph of a woman alone pen scrawled over "wish you were here"

Posted at Saturday, January 09, 2010 by [[that girl]]

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