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it's the shoop-shoop song, looped.

So, I haven't updated in a while. And by update, I mean a life-update. Yeah, I post a lot of poems, shorts, memes and videos (vidjas, as my one friend calls them). I never really tell you about me anymore.

It's because I really don't think that many people read this blog--and the ones that do keep in frequent enough are in contact with me. And if you try to say, "But Caitlin, I never talk to you any more! You're always busy!" Trust me, you aren't missing much.

I'm not that interesting, but then again that's probably the result of having lived an incredibly interesting and "different" life for the last few years.

So, lately, I've been working hard core on my tutorial (undergraduate thesis). My mother was looking at the requirements and has concluded that to understand tutorial, you just need to know one thing: it's in the format of a doctoral thesis, with less required pages. I kind of want to die whenever I look at it.

I've also been working in a film class and creative writing class, and both make me feel better (more whole).

Love life...lets just not go there. I like someone, but it's all messed up. And while it'd be easy to just walk away; I'd rather take the hard road and take my chances. I just hope I win for once.

And the thing is this, I'm still job searching. And I'm scared shitless. My wits are frayed and my patience is worn thin on a daily basis.

I'd like for things to start aligning. I've had enough uncertainty. Enough.

I'm just frustrated right now. Really bad.

Posted at Saturday, February 28, 2009 by [[that girl]]


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